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First Impressions Count

When people visit your home and view your property, they make very fast judgements. One of the first impressions they’ll see of your home is the front view, and this will either be on a website or as they drive past and see the ‘for sale’ sign. That’s why we focus on kerb appeal, as it helps get buyers in the right frame of mind before they actually view your home.

Research suggests that the colour of your front door could play a part in the sale of your home too, so pay attention to the little details when your property is on the market.

Choosing the perfect front door

Many property experts believe that the front door is extremely important when it comes to selling a house. When you arrive at a property, you’ll notice that most estate agents will chat to you on the front step before opening the door, so in fact, quite a lot rests on the humble front door that you take for granted, when it comes to making a first impression.

However, whilst your front door is important, there’s not one single colour of front door that will specifically make your home sell faster, instead, it’s down to picking a colour that complements your home and the kind of style buyers in your area will want.

For example, when it comes to rustic country homes, natural wood with a bit of varnish will suffice, as potential buyers are likely to be looking for a stripped down, natural look. If your property is near the coast, then seaside colours work well in your décor, so you could try and incorporate a maritime theme for example, and have a sky blue door.

City dwellers tend to like bold colours for their front door. If you walk around big cities like London or Manchester, you’ll see Victorian terraces with bright blue or red doors, or sleek and sophisticated black doors. These are often finished off with shiny letters and numbers and a vintage brass knocker, adding instant sophistication to the property.

If your house isn’t period and doesn’t have a particular style, then stick to the basics such as blue or white. Just make sure the door has been power-washed or painted so it looks nice and clean.

Other ways to boost kerb appeal

If you want to boost the kerb appeal of your property in general, you don’t have to stop at your front door. If you’re renting a power-washer, use it on your windows, window frames, paths, driveway, and anywhere else that’s a little bit tired or grubby. This will instantly make your home look more cared for and cheerful.

Concentrate on your garden too. Don’t just mow the lawn, make sure you trim the edges, cut back shrubs and do some weeding. A scruffy front garden will make people assume that the rest of your home is also unkempt. Just an hour spent in your garden doing these chores can mean you garner much more interest.

Tidy up your home’s exterior

When you’re selling your home, you’ll no doubt spend a lot of time on the inside putting things in boxes or throwing them away, and this kind of decluttering makes your home far more attractive. Unfortunately, a common mistake is not spending as much time on the outside of your home. If you have wheelie bins outside your home, hide them away. Either invest in a bin tidy or store them down the side of your house, so visitors don’t have to see or smell them when they walk past.

You should also complete any DIY jobs that need finishing off around the exterior of your property. Fix any guttering, broken fences or gates, so your home looks neat and tidy when it’s time for us to take the photos.

Add some greenery too

A couple of plant pots at the front door can make for a welcoming entrance, and if you’re an amateur gardener, then minimal plants can make a big difference to the look of your home. Keep them well-watered and neat, so that you don’t end up with a front garden full of dried out or dead plants, and they can be an excellent investment when you’re trying to sell.

While there’s no magic colour or style of front door that will sell your home, sorting out its kerb appeal in general will make it more likely to catch the eye of a potential buyer. If you’re looking to sell your home, have a drive around your area and look at other properties that are already displaying a ‘sold’ sign. You can take a peek at how they look from the outside, giving you an insight into what will interest local buyers.

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