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3. Preparing your home for marketing

4. Interior and Exterior tips

5. Importance of your launch marketing price

6. Marketing plans needed

7. How presentation is key

8. Power of social media 

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Selling – Marketing your home

I am fully committed to delivering a personal and bespoke service Estate Agency experience. I will work with you on a personalised marketing strategy tailored to your property, online and offline.  I will carefully evaluate your property and offer advice on presenting it in the most appealing manner in order to maximise its  value. My job is to ensure we don’t miss anything that could cost  you money.  Decluttering, depersonalising and  cleaning until everything sparkles will help make a great first impression. 

Marketing is more than placing a listing on the portals. It requires a multi-faceted and multi-layered strategic approach.

Modern House

Digital marketing

The way people are buying and renting property has changed. Over 90% of home movers start their journey online which is why it's important that your property has the maximum exposure to reach the right people at the right time - via email alerts, social networks and press releases, as well as the more traditional marketing aids such as 'For Sale' boards, postcards and flyers, open houses and utilising the vast local agent network of Keller Williams.  My marketing campaign is designed to capture the maximum exposure for your home in the shortest period of time.

Marketing Company

Online coverage

We advertise in all the places that people use to search for property, including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location; the UK’s leading property websites. Your property will also be featured on both the Coyle Dowling website and Keller Williams.

Online Course

Social media

Social Media is an important marketing tool. You don't have to wait for a property buyer to walk down the high street to see your home; I deliver your home to them, on their phone, Ipad or PC, wherever they are! With over 75% of local homeowners owning a social media account, I can blanket a radius around your home and proactively target every buyer possible.  It is vital to tap into not only active buyers, but those who may not be searching proactively, but who are in a position to purchase a property if the right one is presented to them. 66% of people who would consider buying are not actively looking! Social Media is the key to harnessing those 'inactive' buyers.  

Social Media - Property.jpg

Property Photography

High quality images are essential.  I'll ensure that your home is portrayed in the best possible light. The  quality  of  your house advert  will affect  the  number  of  buyers  deciding  to your view  your  home  and  will  make  or break  your  selling time.  I aim  to  showcase  your  home  by  creating excellent photography  mixed  with videography so  that  I  can  harness social media  in  addition  to  the  property  portals. Professional photography is essential, ensuring certain  angles, composition and colour depth  attract  potential  viewers, who will  feel  like they  have  already viewed  your  home. You  are  given  a distinct  advantage  over  competing homes  for  sale.

Photography Propertis.jpg

Accompanied home viewings

I will provide as much notice as  possible prior to viewings; I accompany all of them as standard. I will coordinate keys, access and any other instructions. I have 24/7 phone and online coverage so that prospective purchasers can get in contact out of office hours and place  enquiries. In addition to this we suggest that wherever possible you are not present during viewings as  potential purchasers generally feel more comfortable exploring a  property without the owners present. those concerns. We are also available 7 days a week to carry out viewings so more viewings mean potentially faster sales, higher prices and a more convenience service for our clients.

Modern Dinning Room

For Sale/To Let boards

Our eye-catching For Estate Agency Sale boards are distinctive and  very recognisable in the local  market. They have proven to  be an extremely successful way of catching the attention  of passers-by and we therefore regularly receive phone calls from prospective purchasers who have  seen our boards. We typically  arrange for boards to be installed  on “Launch Day” where applicable. However, in some cases it may  be the following day, particularly  if access is required. From time  to time boards are removed by others. If that occurs, please contact your property advisor  immediately.

Modern House Exterior

Discreet marketing

If you are considering selling or letting your property, but are concerned by the idea of extensive marketing and promotion, we can secure you a buyer or tenant with our discreet property marketing. We can introduce the property to our private register of qualified buyers or tenants without creating an online presence.

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